• Desktop/laptop :- Chrome, Firefox and Opera < recommended and others will work too
  • Mobiles:- Firefox <- recommended chrome and opera will work too. Sorry we have issues with UC Browser

How to download from

  1. Get a good browser  e.q Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
  2. You may install Adblocker (remember to whitelist us).
  3. Keep any torrent applications installed.

You can try installing Adblock in your browser. But remember you can’t visit privatetorrents with Adblock enable so be sure to whitelist in your Adblock settings.

We have tested the site hundred times and it works like charm without Adblocker. We try our best to show you minimum and less pop up ad. 

Once you click a download link or nfo you are bypassed through a short ad monetized service. In the meantime it may happen that you get trap in the ads and start a false download. Please keep in mind we are not responsible for your stupidity. 

To prevent downloading of any kind of false stuff do as mention below.

If you find anything started downloading any thing please check the file size from the original post, if it matches exactly then no problem either you should stop it. 

Note: Usually downloads doesn’t start automatically or tell you to do it! like an ad banner.

How to download from mobile. Video Mirror Link

How to download from PC. Video Mirror Link

It’s so easy 😀

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